Your dollars at work…Heather's Story

Heather’s Story”

One day, “Heather” approached the case manager of Catholic Charities’ First Step Program, asking how she could get some maternity clothes for herself.  She was four months pregnant.

The story Heather told the case manager was impressive.

Heather was living a life muddled with poverty, drugs, violence and crime.  But it was this last unforeseen event of becoming pregnant that truly inspired her to make a decision to try and turn her life around.  She said she had one reason now to make a change, and that was to care for this yet unborn child.

Heather respected the terms of her probation, stayed clear of drugs and focused on her pregnancy.  She shared her success in avoiding risky behaviors and dangerous situations with the First Step case manager.

The months that followed showed a commitment and determination from this mother-to-be.  Funds were accessed from First Step for Change to help Heather acquire blankets, clothes, coats, and even an infant bathtub, as well as a starter supply of diapers.

Heather’s story ends well.

The reason that Heather came to Catholic Charities was for help with a modest request to cover material needs.  However, what she really needed was someone to believe in her regardless of her past mistakes.

Heather and her baby, “Aubrey,” are now happy and thriving.  Heather never misses an opportunity to visit Catholic Charities and express her appreciation for all the help the First Step Program provided to her.

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