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Mary Ellen Andersen, Director
144 West Wood St.
Youngstown, OH 44503
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Doesn’t the smell of your own body odor or the need to shave just BOTHER you? You want to run to the shower, grab your deodorant and razor right now! Most of us can or at least we can relatively soon. To the clients Catholic Charities serves however, deodorant and razors are often considered luxury […]

Going back to school means different things to different people. For kids, it means excitement at seeing their old friends after the long summer break, making new friends, anxious to learn new things and meet new teachers.  However, for those families already struggling with finances, it means adding one more burden in the form of school supplies, […]

Nearly 10 million older adults in America are at risk of hunger, but this statistic does not begin to capture the depth of senior hunger that exists in our diocese, our neighborhoods, and even in our own families. Many older adults who are hungry come from a generation that has understood what it is like […]

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About Office of Social Services

Catholic Charities Central Offices houses the Catholic Charities Administration Office, the Office of Social Services, Diocese of Youngstown Catholic Charities Corporation and the Office of Social Action.

Providing general oversight for the Department of Catholic Charities Services; convening and working with the Catholic health and human welfare institutions of the Diocese, as well as board committees and community organizations. The Department provides health care ethics and medical-moral consultation, and acts as a liaison with the St. Vincent DePaul Society, the Catholic hospitals and nursing homes.

Office of Social Services
Diocese of Youngstown Catholic Charities Corporation (DOYCCC)

Mary Ellen Andersen, MS, President & CEO

Rachel A. Hrbolich, MA, Associate Director

Nikole M. Kelley, BA, Grants and Projects Coordinator

Jennifer Lucarelli, Database and Administrative Assistant

This department provides direction for the provision of social and housing services throughout the Diocese; coordinates service delivery; supervises and assists the Catholic Charities affiliate agency executive directors and management teams; creates training and development opportunities for Boards of Directors; and builds and cultivates relationships with parishes and communities. Additionally, this department also coordinates and provides technical assistance for Catholic Charities’ fund raising, grant writing and reporting efforts.


144 West Wood St.
Youngstown, OH  44503
(330) 744-8451

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