Poverty – How can you help?

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January is Poverty Awareness Month

What does it mean to live in poverty?

It means looking down at your feet, or swallowing your pride when you are asked why you just don’t move to a better apartment, or get your kid’s teeth fixed, or a hundred other things that cost money you just don’t have.

It’s feeling hopeless; because people who have better lives are convinced you did something to deserve your poverty.

It also means getting assistance with clothing, food, shelter and other basic needs.  Last year, Catholic Charities impacted 27,435  people through its emergency assistance efforts across the Diocese of Youngstown.

To learn more about Catholic Charities programs and services, CLICK HERE.

Here are some ways that you can help Catholic Charities provide help and create hope for those in need:

  • Pray that we all respond compassionately to those we encounter who need our assistance
  • Learn about issues that impact the human family
  • Advocate for just laws and policies that impact the most valuable in our society
  • Oppose cuts in spending that impact Catholic Charities and other social service organizations, as well as the people served
  • Support “Keep the Kids Warm,” an annual fundraising campaign that provides utility assistance for poor and working poor families with children
  • Support the Annual Bishop’s Appeal, which provides critical funding for the work of Catholic Charities throughout the Diocese of Youngstown

To read more about poverty, specifically people who are working and why they are still so close to poverty’s edge, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for all you do in the Diocese of Youngstown to help provide help, create hope and end poverty.  God bless you.


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  • Office of Social Services
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