Purple Tie “Non” Event

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The Purple Tie “Non” Event

Feel good about not attending.  No need to dress up, attend a party, buy raffle tickets or listen to speeches.  Just put on your most comfortable clothes and go about your day.

We do kindly request a donation for the privilege of not attending.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Click here to respond.  Or you can mail your response by downloading this form and mailing it to: Catholic Charities, Attn:  Nikole Kelley, 144 West Wood Street, Youngstown, OH  44503.

In gratitude for your donation, we will send you a purple ribbon.  We would like you to use this purple ribbon as a bookmark or tie it to your keychain as an everyday reminder of those who have survived the horrors of domestic violence and in remembrance of those who have not.



Christina House offers emergency shelter  for victims of domestic violence and their children.  Once in shelter care, a case manager works with the victim and helps her access available services in the county.  Additional support services include legal advocacy, counseling and transportation.  Other services provided by Christina House include a 24 hour crisis line, outreach and education speakers, community awareness and response to hospital calls for rape and assault.

Your support is needed  to continue these valuable programs and  services.  Thank you.



In America, one woman is fatally shot by a spouse, ex-spouse, or dating partner every 14 hours. 

There have been 235 domestic violence gun related fatalities since January 1, 2017.




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