Parish Social Ministries

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Parish social ministries.pubParish Social Ministry Staff provide information, training and resources to parishes in order to assist in the formation, development, and implementation of various social service and social action programs.  The Parish Social Ministry Program utilizes the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Communities of Salt and Light Workbook and Document to help parish councils, or another relevant parish council committee, engage the parish community in social outreach and justice efforts.

The Office of Social Action also encourages parishes to offer the JustFAITH program in their communities. We can help you launch this challenging program.

JustFAITH is a thirty-week adult formation program, offers an opportunity for those in parishes to experience this spiritual journey into compassion. Most of us long to be a generous and compassionate people.  However, occasions to explore this tradition in a deliberate and engaging way have largely not been available.  JustFAITH, now offered in hundreds of parishes across the country, provides a lively and challenging format to read, view, discuss, pray, experience, and be formed by the justice tradition that changes lives, inspires faithful witness, and transforms the world through love and service.  Across the country, JustFAITH has proven to be a potent and successful strategy for expanding and energizing parishioner commitment to address human suffering.  Indeed, many participating parishes choose to repeat the process year after year.

The JustFAITH program has been offered at almost 500 parishes and in 85 dioceses throughout the United States. JustFAITH is partnered with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services.  For more information visit

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